Those who live in Orange County, CA know well the beauty that surrounds them in their daily lives. Thanks to television producers, the rest of the world often gets a peek into this spectacular southern California area.

Located in Southern California, Orange County has beautiful natural landscapes for as far as the eye can see. It’s also home to several man made attractions. It’s often the man made attractions that lure television and film producers. Disneyland resort has been the backdrop on many television shows and of course, the spectacular beaches is a favorite shooting area. In fact, there are television shows that reference Orange County in their titles, such as the Real Housewives of Orange County.

Check out a few of the more recent television shows that filmed part or all of an episode in Orange County, CA.

“Master Chef” – we all love a loud and boisterous chef, right? Makes the food tastier somehow. Segments of this show, with contestants and the chef, have been filed in different areas on Huntington Beach. Many of the show’s cooking challenges are filmed right on the beach, with the chefs finding a way to work fast, despite the sand they’re standing in. The weather is always beautiful and the dishes are always amazing, or so we’ve heard.

Speaking of beaches, you may have been a fan of the MTV reality-not-reality teen angst favorite, “Laguna Beach.” This show aired for three seasons and followed teens who were raised on or near Laguna Beach. It showcased wealth and privilege among America’s teens and was a favorite among the younger demographics.

This brings us to the wealth and privilege of those who are a bit past their teenage years. The “Real Housewives of Orange County” is set in, of course, Orange County. In its twelfth season, this Bravo TV favorite features middle-aged women who are frenemies and who are raising children or enjoying their grandchildren. So popular was it in its earliest seasons, several spinoffs of housewives in different cities soon followed. Viewers are able to live vicariously through the stars and their beautiful homes in gated communities and there is no shortage of scenes of different areas and restaurants in Orange County. It’s a win-win, actually. Anytime a scene is shot in a restaurant or clothing store, Bravo features the name of the business, which can help boost sales in the days and weeks after the show’s airing.

Fans of Ryan Murphy’s campy FX series “American Horror Story” may have recognized the Old County Courthouse, located in Santa Ana, CA as the backdrop in one of the recent installments. It’s “old time” look and feel lends to the authenticity of those classic ghost stories that remain for generations.

It’s no secret that Orange County has been a favorite location for shooting scenes in both television and film. In fact, many may not know that parts of “A Star is Born,” starring Judy Garland, was filmed right here in Orange County. If that’s not a testament to the value of a scene’s backdrop, then we can’t imagine what would be.