Many people in Orange County initiate a divorce without knowing that there are alternatives available to resolve the matter. If you are not satisfied with your relationship and are contemplating a separation, then instead of considering a divorce, there might be some alternatives that may meet your needs. A divorce can be a complicated and time-consuming process. It can have a significant impact on your life, both financially and emotionally.

Litigated divorces are a sometimes more stressful process that involves courtroom appearances. These can also be expensive as well. Sometimes when seeking the alternatives in Orange County and throughout the United States, you can resolve the matter in less time and without going through some of the most difficult complications. It is advised to consult an experienced family law attorney to guide you through the alternative that is best for you. A family law attorney can help provide guidance and help clarify the legal process. They will also consider everything that will affect the case, including the financial and emotional needs of both the spouses, the social status of your family, as well as the better future of your children.

Below are some the most common alternatives to divorce in Orange County explained by our family law attorneys:


In this alternative, a neutral party such as a family law attorney will assist you to resolve the disputes. The process will include processes similar to those in a formal divorce such as child custody, property division, child support, and marital agreements. The mediator will assist the couples to make a mutual decision on all the matters that might include the division of the property and the child custody. The benefits of this alternative are it is less expensive, less time consuming, and will be confidential.

Collaborative Law

For this process, the parties will have to hire collaborative attorneys and must cooperate in the entire procedure. They will sign an agreement saying that they will not litigate the matter. This alternative also covers everything that includes child custody, property division, and other things commonly associated with a formal divorce. The collaborative divorce is much less time consuming and tends to be less expensive than a formal divorce. In addition, this alternative offers the opportunity to mutually make decisions without having to involve either parties in any unnecessary conflict.

Cooperative Divorce

This is different from the mediation and collaborative divorce. In the cooperative divorce, both of the parties will have an attorney and they will settle the negotiations cooperatively than combatively. They will try to get an amicable solution of their disputes without involving any legal complication. Both the lawyers and the parties will work together to get a proper solution. The benefit of the cooperative divorce is that both the parties try their best to resolve the matter peacefully and that makes the process less combative, less time-consuming, and less complicated.

These are some of the divorce alternatives in Orange County, according to our family law lawyers. If you are considering a divorce, these processes may offer you a solution better suited to you and your family’s needs. You can consult with an experienced family law attorney to help determine which alternative will suit you more and help ease the separation period. These alternatives offer the family an opportunity to move on from such matters while avoiding any disputes in and out of the court, thus making the process a little less bothersome for you, your family, and your kids.