As more turn to a vegan lifestyle, finding places to buy vegan food in Orange County has become a bit easier in recent years.

Years ago, if your search for food includes words like “non-GMO” and “organic,” you might have had challenges finding places to buy true vegan food in Orange County or anywhere else for that matter. That is no longer the case. Each year, we see more focus on a cleaner lifestyle that includes chemical-free options that are grown in purely organic soil. Here are a few of our favorite vegan food shops in Orange County.

Mother’s Market has something for everyone and more importantly, it’s a one-stop shop for Orange County residents who are looking for food to take home and prepare, or if they are looking to enjoy an evening out dining in a restaurant where the food is beautifully prepared. A large assortment of organic dairy and poultry (if you’re vegetarian), organically grown, local produce, an incredible juice bar and seven locations in Orange County make this the go-to source for all things healthy.

Another great place to buy vegan food in Orange County is at Sprouts. This is another Orange County favorite. Cooking demos, catering and mobile coupons to help shoppers save while they make their selections are just a few of the many benefits this farmer’s market offers. It’s open daily from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. on Old Canal Rd. in Yorba Linda.

If you’re looking for great vegan food that’s prepared for you in a warm restaurant setting, Orange County has several choices, including Mead’s Green Door Café. This lovely spot touts a family atmosphere with exceptionally prepared menus that include desserts, sandwiches and more. It is family-owned and invites everyone to try their menu, whether they’re vegan or vegetarian.

Another Orange County favorite is VegiLicious. It’s located on Huntington Beach and combines modern Japanese with a vegan lifestyle. Be sure to try the new Kobe BBQ bowl and the incredible soups and curries that are made daily. Incredible desserts and homemade dressings that you can take home to enjoy any time are just a few of the many delicious benefits this family owned restaurant offers.

Finally, we take a stop in Costa Mesa. The Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop has an energetic vibe that works well with its gourmet dishes and casual atmosphere. Enjoy a daily Happy Hour at the bar or if it’s been a particularly long day, you can place your order online and pick up dinner on your way home. It doesn’t hurt that owner and Chef Jon Rollo received his training at the world-renowned leader of innovation and creativity, Le Cordon Bleu of Chicago. While you can find dishes that include meat, there are plenty of organic dishes that are created for the vegetarian or vegan as well.

The city of Orange County has many options for those living a vegan lifestyle. One need look no further than his neighborhood grocers to find exactly what’s needed for tonight’s dinner.