You have reached a point where you know you need a family law attorney. Most likely you are suffering from several complicated emotions and, undoubtedly, you are going through the most stressful point of your life. While it may be difficult to get through the emotional aspect of a pending divorce, you need the assistance of a family law attorney to help you sort facts from emotions, as this will be the key to a positive outcome for your case.

It is a divorce attorney’s job to use the facts about your case to counsel you on the issues of your divorce and to help you approach the situation in a reasonable way. During the initial consultation, you will discuss a lot; the attorney may even ask questions that make you feel uncomfortable. Nevertheless, do not be put off by this appointment or take it lightly; your consultation is your first introduction to how the attorney works and what you can expect if you choose to hire him or her.

What to Bring With You

While you are not required to bring anything, a few documents may help expedite the attorney’s assessment of your case. Some things you can bring include:

  • Information regarding assets and liabilities that are shared between you and your spouse – this includes any debts, retirement accounts, homes, or other property.
  • The name of your employer, your spouse’s employer, and your incomes.
  • The number and ages of children you have.
  • A copy of domestic contracts (if any), such as a prenuptial agreement.
  • Copies of the last three years’ worth of tax returns.

What to Expect for Your Initial Consultation

During the initial meeting, you will get an overview of what the divorce process is like. The attorney will go over the five key aspects, including:

  • California divorce process
  • Any issues regarding minor children from the marriage
  • How assets and liabilities will be split
  • Child and spousal support issues
  • The attorney’s fees and any related costs you will encounter

To address these five factors, you will provide the attorney with necessary information and the attorney will ask questions to help guide you. Some of these questions will be very basic, while others may be personal. While some may be uncomfortable, know that these questions and answers are kept strictly confidential, only shared with key personnel in the office, and only if you choose to hire that attorney. It is important that you answer the questions honestly and never hide any pertinent details from your attorney. Doing so can hinder the outcome of your case as it will muddle the truth and potentially undermine the positive working relationship between you and your attorney.

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