Although California is a no-fault state and people do not need to present evidence of wrongdoing in order to end their marriage, it’s still important to have a good reason to initiate divorce.

As divorce lawyers in Orange County, we know that from a lack of happiness in your marriage to concerns that your partner could be a violent or manipulative person, there are many reasons to make the decision to end your marriage.

In this guide, we’ll share 10 of the most common signs you should consider filing for divorce and ending your marriage. If you notice any of these signs in your marriage, use them to help you make an informed, intelligent decision about your future.

Concerns (or evidence) of infidelity

Although infidelity is not the number one reason for divorce, it’s certainly one of the most common. If you have reason to believe your spouse is cheating on you, divorce may be the best solution to end the relationship and regain your confidence.

Substance abuse or dependency

From alcoholism to illegal drug abuse, addiction can often be the reason behind the breakdown or relationships. If your spouse is addicted to drugs or alcohol, divorce could be the best step in the right direction towards them receiving help.

Emotional abuse or manipulation

Some people can be emotionally manipulative or abusive, often using sociopathic tactics to make sure your marriage only proceeds on their terms. A partner that’s emotionally manipulative or abusive is a leading reason for divorce.

Physical abuse or threats of abuse

Abuse isn’t just emotional – it can often be physical and incredibly serious. If your spouse has abused you physically in any form – even in a manner that might not have seemed serious at the time – you should consider seeking a divorce.

Serious irreconcilable differences

Not all people are compatible. Some have major differences in how they think about the world or personalities that clash with each other. If you have serious differences with your partner that can’t be resolved, divorce could be your ideal solution.

Changes in personality after marriage

People change over time, and personality change after marriage is a common reason for divorce. If your spouse has changed their behavior or values dramatically in the wake of your marriage, it could affect your happiness and lead you to seek divorce.

Problematic gambling or spending

Many people, even those who are organized in responsible in other aspects of their lives, spend money irresponsibly. Others have serious gambling addictions. If your spouse is irresponsible with your finances, you should consider seeking divorce.

Irresponsible or abusive parenting

Divorce doesn’t just end your marriage; it also breaks up your family life. If you’re concerned about the way your spouse is treating your children or believe they are being emotionally or physically abusive, consider divorce to protect your children.

Long-term desertion or abandonment

Is your spouse spending a long time away from home? Have they taken a trip and never returned? Abandonment is a serious issue that can cause massive emotional harm to the people involved; it’s also a perfectly valid reason to consider divorce.

Incompatibility due to personal values

Do you and your spouse have incompatible personal values? From religious morals to political views, many people discover that certain aspects of their personalities clash after they’re married. If you’re too different, divorce is a potential solution.

Many divorces involve a variety of factors

Not all divorces are driven by only one of the reasons on the above life. Many people make the difficult decision to divorce because of a combination of factors; emotional manipulation, physical abuse and poor parenting together, for example.

If any of the above reasons to divorce stand out as problems in your marriage, think carefully about the best solution for your future. Sometimes the only solution to the wrong marriage is to divorce and begin your personal life anew.