Initially hashing out a California child custody case can be long, complex, and extremely heartrending matter. Unfortunately, if one parent makes the decision to move out of state, families may find themselves in another difficult legal and logistical situation involving their children.

Whether you are planning a move with or without your children out of state, or whether your spouse is planning a similar move, it is vital that the issue is dealt with in a sensitive and thorough manner, both for the sake of the parents and the children.

Five Actions to Take in a Move Away Child Custody Situation

What should you do if a move may take you away from your children or if a move may take your children away from their other parent?

  • Speak with a California family law attorney. California move away laws are not clear-cut, and many cases are determined based on the individual facts of each unique family situation. A CA move away attorney can help you understand your case as well as which legal actions may improve your situation or make the move easier on your children.
  • Determine why the move is taking place. The reason for the move is very important. For example, the court may support a move made for a great new job or a move closer to loving relatives. The court may not support a move to be with a new partner that has a violent criminal past.
  • Review your current parenting plan. Information regarding out-of-state moves and move aways may be present in your parenting plan. Your parenting plan will also contain information on who has physical custody and whether this custody is joint or sole, permanent or temporary.
  • Think about how you (or the other parent) will stay close to your children. It is usually in the child’s best interests to keep closely in touch with both of his or her parents. If you are moving further from your children, think about what you would like to see in a visitation plan as well as other ways you could stay connected. If you are moving away from your children’s other parent, think about how you are willing to help them connect regularly from long distances.
  • Keep your children supported and informed. Whether they are moving or whether a parent is moving away, this will be another big change for your children. Treat them with care, keep them appropriately informed (depending upon their age), and remember to keep their best interests at heart at all times.

Orange County Child Custody Attorneys

Moves out of state are often difficult but sometimes necessary. In other cases, it may be equally as necessary to attempt to block a move out of state. In either circumstance, we will work with the court and your child’s other parent in order to find the best solution under the law for both you and your kids.

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