Divorces can be emotionally, physically, and financially taxing, especially when the relationship ends on bad terms. With highly contentious divorces, you may want to be extra careful that your ex doesn’t try to do things like hide assets or drain bank accounts.

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Below is a list of the top ten sneaky intentional divorce tactics that we see in California divorce cases.

Tactic #1: Stalling the Progress of the Case

Divorces that drag on for years can become expensive and create complications along the way, especially when one spouse is intentionally causing the delays. If your spouse is stalling the divorce process by taking too long to respond to requests, refusing to meet for settlement negotiations, or requesting repeated continuances, they may be purposefully trying to drag the process out longer.

Tactic #2: Limiting Your Access

There are many shared accounts, assets, and other sources of information that require transparency during the divorce process. When your ex isn’t providing access or is intentionally blocking your access to this information, it makes every step more difficult. This divorce delay tactic can slow down the discovery process, ruin settlement discussions, and necessitate additional court hearings.

Tactic #3: Wasting Assets

Draining bank accounts, making large purchases after separation, or giving away valuable property are all ways that sneaky spouses may try to waste assets during a divorce. Whether out of spite or in an attempt to gain a greater share of the assets, this tactic commonly occurs in contentious divorces. Your attorney can help you watch for the signs of this behavior and seek recourse if it is discovered.

Tactic #4: Hiding Assets

This is one of the most common sneaky tactics in California divorces. The state laws follow a community property structure, which means property acquired during the marriage is divided equally. Spouses who don’t want to share their assets may try to hide or lie about them. From lying about their income to hiding bank accounts or personal property, dishonest spouses may try to keep any number of assets from their husbands or wives.

Tactic #5: Manipulating Your Children’s Feelings

This is among the more harmful divorce strategies that spouses can take. Divorce is difficult for spouses, but children also feel the weight of their parents’ separation. Some spouses make the terrible decision to try to turn their children against the other parent. Custody and visitation matters are not easy to navigate during a divorce, but using a child’s emotions and relationships in this way is unacceptable. Both parents should be helping their children cope with the changes in their lives, so if you suspect your spouse is trying to use your children against you, contact an attorney for guidance.

Tactic #6: Increasing Parenting Time to Decrease Support

It’s an unfortunate reality that some parents don’t value time with their children for the gift that it is. In divorce cases, requesting additional time with their children is something sneaky spouses will try to get their support amount lowered. Child support calculations use the amount of time the child spends with each parent as one part of the formula for determining monthly support. If the parent who pays child support is granted additional time with their child, their support obligation is likely to decrease.

Tactic #7: Not Paying Support

Some spouses disagree with a judge’s decision to grant child support or alimony in a divorce. When that happens, they may decide to skip paying support. Spousal and child support are awarded to maintain a similar standard of living and ensure the child has the financial support they need. You may be able to take legal action if your spouse is refusing to pay their ordered support.

Tactic #8: Accusing You of Things You Haven’t Done

False allegations are common in divorce cases, but sometimes, they cause significant issues in the progress of the case. Accusations involving abuse or neglect based on false statements are an egregious tactic that some spouses use when they are desperate to get their way or want to hurt their spouse. Having an attorney is crucial if your spouse uses this strategy in your divorce.

Tactic #9: Forcing Settlement

Rushing the settlement process is the opposite of stalling and delaying the divorce, but it can be just as detrimental. If the process feels rushed or forced, it may be because your spouse has a secret they don’t want you to find out about. Moving quickly through the divorce may be a way to get it over with and move on, or it may be a tactic to hide an underlying issue. Don’t leave any stones unturned if you think your spouse is hiding something significant from you or the court.

Tactic #10: Limiting Your Representation Options

Another tactic some spouses take is trying to create a conflict of interest to limit the attorneys their spouse can hire. If one spouse consults with an attorney and shares information about the case, that attorney now has a conflict of interest and cannot represent the other spouse. Some husbands and wives will consult with as many lawyers as possible to prevent their spouses from hiring reputable divorce attorneys.

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