A family break-up through a divorce is not easy for most parents. In such cases, it usually results in disagreements on how the children should be raised. One area that is particularly difficult for most parents is relocating with children after divorce. Relocating can have huge implications for the children and the parent left behind. There are many reasons why this happens. Most people usually relocate to areas where there are close to family and a support network that was there before they got married. In this article, our Orange County move-away attorneys are going to focus on factors to consider when relocating with children after a divorce.

    1. Know the laws in your state

One very important factor that you need to consider before you relocate with children after divorce is what the law says. Each state has its own laws regarding traveling and relocating with kids after divorce. Don’t just assume that the laws in your state are similar to laws that have been put in place in other states. For instance, in Orange County, the custodial parent is supposed to notify the non-custodial parent in writing about the plan to move to a different location. This is very important because it gives the non-custodial parent a chance to object or approve the move. It is very important to understand your custody agreement before you relocate with your children so that you don’t find yourself being held in the contempt of court.

    1. Explain to your children what is happening

Before you start the relocation process, you need to take time and talk to your kids. You need to tell them what is happening and why you have decided to relocate with them. The biggest mistake that many parents make is assuming that the kids will understand everything that is going on. Talking to your kids before the relocation process will help make the transition process smooth.

    1. Give your kids time to adjust

Dealing with divorce is not an easy process to the children. Young kids may not have difficulties to relocate after divorce because they may have had fewer attachments to their previous home. However, older kids usually have a hard time relocating because they have strong attachments with their home, friends as well as the school that they attend. Before you start planning for relocation, it is very important to talk to your children about your plans and why it is important. Assure them that things will be fine and you will support them and help them meet new friends as well as maintain contact with old friends. The transition will not be easy. It is therefore very important to give them time to adjust to the transition.

    1. Help them feel at home

This is very important especially if you and your ex-partner have agreed to co-parent. You kids will have two homes. As a parent, you need to make your kids feel comfortable in both homes. Involve them especially when making important decisions even so simple as decorating the new house. This will help them feel excited about relocating, as well as help themcreate new memories. Also, spend more time with them at home and do fun things together.

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