Adoptions are very common in California as opposed to other states in the United States, according to our adoption attorneys. These adoptions range from domestic, international, step-parent to adult adoptions. Any individual living in California who wishes to become an adoptive parent must be ready to nurture the adopted child as one of their own by showering them with love. In adopting a child, it is crucial to understand who is eligible as will be substantiated in this article.

    1. Single persons

The majority of single persons (men and women), wonder if the law allows them to adopt children. Many of them have the passion for doing so but often shunning the idea, thinking it is not possible. Well, it is doable. In fact, research has shown that 25% of children adopted in California, especially from the public foster care system are adopted by single persons. The only condition you need to fulfill is to ensure you are aged 25 years and above and demonstrate the ability to love and care for the child.

    1. A spouse of a married United States citizen.

Are you a couple living in California passionate about having an adopted child? You might be worried that your spouse is not a United States citizen, thus you might not be allowed to adopt a child. This is not the case. The spouse does not have to be necessarily a United States citizen. The only mandatory requirement is for the spouse to consent to the adoption, then the process can kick off.

    1. A couple or persons aged 50-55 years old

Are you a United States citizen living in California aged 40 years and above? Do you feel you have the passion to adopt and take care of a child? Perhaps you are reluctant thinking you are too old to adopt a child. Fortunately, age is not a major factor when it comes to adoption. It is possible to actualize your dream of becoming an adoptive parent. What is of essence is if you have proper health and the willpower and capability to provide the child with proper care.

    1. A couple or persons living in rental spaces

Quite a number of people who desire to adopt children have the perception that they cannot do it because they rent a home. Perhaps you are a couple, a man or woman, that resides in a rental property in California. This should not act as a hindrance to adopting a child. Adoption laws in California do not restrict it. The most fundamental requirement is for one to offer the prospective child a conducive environment- adequate space, protection and quality health standards in your home. Most importantly, you should be in a position to make the child feel wanted by according him/her with utmost love leading to proper development.

Further, working couples or persons who feel they are capable of adopting children need not to worry that they will be denied the opportunity since they are working or they have to quit their jobs to attend to the child. According to the law, what is of concern is the individual’s ability to portray discipline and commitment to offering the child quality care by making the necessary life adjustments.

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