If you’ve divorced and your former spouse now lives apart from you, child custody can be one of the most difficult parts of your new family life to work out and adjust to over time.It’s difficult when you’re in different houses within the same city; it’s more difficult when one parent wishes to move to a new city, a new state, or in some cases, a new country. You may even wonder how a move-away law firm can help?

These cases are known as move-away parent situations, and they’re a surprisingly common situation. In this post, we’ll share five factors for you to consider during a move-away parent situation to make sure your family’s future remains secure.

Get your lawyer’s opinion immediately

Move-away parent situations can be legally complicated, and trying to work out an agreement with your ex-spouse without the opinion of a lawyer isn’t recommended if you wish to retain a successful, stable family arrangement.

If you’re uncertain about how moving away with children, or moving and having the children you have with your spouse visit them occasionally, will affect your current custody arrangements, speak with your lawyer as soon as possible.

Understand your custody arrangement

What is your current custody arrangement? If your former spouse has sole physical custody of your children (also known as “primary physical custody” in some states), you may have limited options regarding the children’s future.

Most of the time, parents with sole physical custody of your children can move to a new location without restrictions. The exception to this rule is when the move may harm the children. If this could be the case, contact your lawyer as soon as possible.

Put together a co-parenting plan

Bringing up children after a divorce is difficult when you live close together; it’s far more difficult when you live far apart. If you and your spouse have joint custody of your children and good relations, try to work out a co-parenting plan together.

Prior to Skype and VOIP, keeping in touch with your children while they’re away from home was difficult. Today, it’s often possible to reach an agreement that lets both you and your ex-spouse spend time with your kids, no matter the location.

Work with an experienced lawyer

Move-away cases can be extremely complex and typically involve a lot of variables. Is your former spouse moving to a new city, a new state or a new country? Each of these factors will have an effect on your new custody arrangements.

Before you rush into things, speak to a lawyer with previous experience not just in move-away parent situations, but in move-away parent situations close to the one you’re experiencing now. Their expertise could be incredibly valuable to you.

Consider changing your visitation

If your former spouse currently has sole custody of your children and plans to move away, speak to your lawyer to see if it’s possible to change your visitation so that it’s easier for you to visit and spend time with your children.

It’s never easy to spend time away from your family, and seeing your kids move to a new city without being involved in their life can be tough. Speak to a lawyer about move-away cases and you may discover a way to make long-distance co-parenting work right for you.